Meet the team

Nic / Fox & Kin

Nic is:

Nic describes herself as a wedding photographer for people who don’t like wedding photos.

She’s an advocate for keeping weddings simple and eco-friendly and a vocal ally for those underrepresented in the wedding industry. She’ll always stand up for equality and take action for the planet. She believes that shoes are overrated and there is no such thing as too many tacos.

Your photographer, planner, stand up comedian, cheer squad and vendor liaison

Fox & Kin

Fred / Alison Bartlett

Fred is:

Fred is an actual ray of sunshine who writes ceremonies so personal, your mates will think she’s known you for life. She was born Alison but not even her parents call her that, so please just call her Fred. She loves hearing all the gooey romantic stuff about how you fell in love, so she can tell it back to you as you gaze adoringly into each other’s eyes as you say your vows.

your celebrant, wordsmith, wedding mum, and only legal obligation lbh

wed by fred

Mikhayla / One Day Weddings & Events

mikhayla is:

A self-confessed spreadsheet geek and a lover of all things that catch the eye, Mikhayla will often be found with an almond latte in hand, old school RNB in her ear and a pocket full of zip ties. Her brain works best when it has multiple tabs open and she struggles with “down time”. Mikhayla will use her aesthetic sensibilities to create and style your intimate love fest to ensure all you have to do is get hitched, plonk your cute butts down, eat some food and sip some wine.

your styling genius, calming presence and most organised person you've ever met

One day weddings

Alice / Euflorial

alice is:

Alice is a whimsical being so enchanting, you’ll think she was born in a buttercup.

Guided by the seasons with the use of unusual textures and sensory delights, every arrangement is created with intention and attention to detail. Her style is inspired by the flower’s natural form and how it grows in nature with a modern flair that transforms each creation into an effortless collaboration of flora. Locally sourced flowers and foliage are a priority.

your garden fairy flower queen, wild foliage forager and breath of fresh air


Josh / Lttle Kng

josh is:

Raised in the valley of the Bello shire on a diet of funk, pop, hip hop and soul, Josh says music is the only other language he speaks. He's one of those people that's always tapping or humming, as though music is flowing through his veins. With his smooth guitar and dulcet tones, Josh will have you feeling relaxed and keep the romance going as you celebrate your fresh nups.

your auditory angel, knee weakener, smooth crooner and good vibes coordinator

lttle kng

Ellie & Brandon / Coastal Harvest

ellie & brandon are:

Brandon & Ellie are all about the love. They share a love of food that is simple, fresh, and full of familiar flavours – the kind of food that is so often part of our most cherished memories. While Ellie entertains, popping her head in to top up the bubbles, Brandon will be busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm - they’ve got all bases covered! These two have a deep respect for food and are committed to showcasing the very best from our region here on the Mid North Coast. 

your om nom nom providers, drink topper upperers, cocktail shakers and snack creators

Coastal harvest

J-Dawg / Jeremy Becker Creative


When he realised that his dream of growing up to be Alan Grant from Jurassic Park wasn’t necessarily a viable option, Jeremy turned his sights to the arts. He’s been making films since he was in high school and, thankfully, has improved quite a bit since then. He’s the silliest person you’ll ever meet, but in an endearing way. Jeremy has the ability to make you instantly feel at ease and you’ll want to just hang out with him all day talking about nerdy shit like dinosaurs and Lord of the Rings.

Your FILM MAKER, team clown, drone operator, pash enthusiast and hype boi